10 Worth-Knowing Health Benefits of Clarified Butter-Ghee

clarrified butter
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Enriched with nutrients and healthy fat-soluble vitamins, clarified butter or ghee is one of the best foods which you must consume daily. Ghee has numerous health benefits and hence it is an indispensable part of Indian food platter. Before we check out the health benefits of Ghee, let us understand what ghee is.

What is clarified butter or ghee?

Butter is boiled on a medium flame. The residue gets removed and what we get is clarified butter or ghee. It is a pure combination of fats and there are no milk residues in ghee. It has a number of useful nutrients like vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids etc.

Here are some of the health benefits of clarified butter:

1. Good for the digestive tract

Ghee forms a protective healthy lining on the inner walls of the stomach and protects it from the acids that are produced by the digestive system for the purpose of digestion. It has been found that ghee helps in food digestion as well.

2. Ghee is free from lactose and casein

One of the major health benefits of ghee is that it has only trace amounts of lactose and casein. The process that is involved in making of ghee helps in removal of almost all of lactose and casein. Hence it is good for those who are sensitive to lactose and casein. It helps in reducing allergy.

3. Energy booster

One reason due to which you must consume clarified butter is that it has medium chain fatty acids. These are useful in generating energy. Hence ghee helps in giving a boost to energy of the body.

4. Reduction of inflammation

Ghee contains butyric acid. Due to this ghee is found to help in reducing different types of inflammations. This is one of the major health benefits of clarified butter. It mainly helps in reducing the inflammation of the digestive tract.

5. Good for the eyes

One of the biggest health benefits of clarified butter is that it is good for eyes. The main reason behind this is ghee contains vitamin A. The amount of carotenoids present in it helps to fight free radicals, which in turn helps in protecting eyes and prevents macular degeneration.

6. Good for the immune system

You must include clarified butter in your diet because it helps in giving a boost to your immune system. Here butyric acid plays a major role. This acid helps in the generation of T cells which help in increasing the immunity of the body. The better the immunity of the body is, the better will be its capacity to fight diseases.

7. Good for the bones

If you want your bones to be strong, then you must take ghee on a regular basis. Ghee is enriched in vitamin K, which helps to make the bones stronger.

8. Source of Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA)

Ghee contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA). This is an anti-carcinogen which helps in preventing cancer. It also helps in reducing tumours. In addition, clarified butter is useful for patients with high blood pressure. It helps in reducing cholesterol and is believed to reduce body fat.

9. Reduces oxidative stress

The nutrients contained in ghee help in the reduction of oxidative stress in the body. Therefore, clarified butter helps to keep your body healthy.

10. Good for the heart

Ghee contains omega 3 fatty acids. The decrease the level of bad cholesterol in the body and help in keeping the heart healthy.

Where to get clarified butter?

If you have no idea about how to prepare ghee or clarified butter you need not worry. You can easily buy clarified butter online. Just make sure that you opt for a good online store which sells only genuine and pure products. Make sure that you buy the ghee only from a trusted store which provides the purest form of ghee.


There are numerous health benefits of clarified butter or ghee, and so you must include it in your daily diet. It has some of the best nutrients due to which you can have a healthy body. It helps in reducing inflammation, macular degeneration, and is also useful in preventing cancers and tumors. For these and many more reasons gee is one of the most important ingredients of Indian cooking.

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