5 Research-backed Ways to Boost Your Immunity

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Nature has gifted us with a survival instinct that functions in various ways, and one of nature’s gifts is our immunity. Today, people recognize the value of the immune system. Science has discovered and devised numerous ways to boost our immunity. There are many ways to achieve healthy immunity – from identifying various foods, medical supplements, physical activities, and alternative treatments such as hyperbaric therapy for immunity boosting.

What Is Immunity?

Immunity is the body’s natural biological force to resist harmful foreign microorganisms from invading it. It consists of proteins, good microorganisms, good bacteria, and white blood cells that fight the harmful germs and viruses that enter the body in various ways.

Why Strengthen Your Immunity?

The rapid progress of health and medical sciences has resulted in finding various ways, such as health supplements and undertaking hyperbaric therapy for immunity boosting, alongside some natural methods such as exercise, sleep, and mindful eating.

The world is a place wherein every kind of species lives. From humans, animals, plants, and insects, to various germs, bacteria, viruses, and whatnot, this planet is a brooding ground for every form of life to thrive.

When we cannot control various germs and bacteria from invading our bodies, our internal system ought to fight those harmful foreign microorganisms for survival. Thus, keeping immunity healthy becomes all the more important.

A healthy immune system is paramount to keeping your health in prime condition. A weak immunity makes the body vulnerable to different viruses and bacteria to which the body is exposed daily.

Scientific Research-backed Ways to Boost Immunity

You have strong immunity if your health is good and you do not fall sick too often. However, a person who falls ill too often, especially during season changes, and harsh weather conditions, must boost their immunity to cope with external viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Thankfully, there are ways to boost your immunity. A lot of them are scientifically proven and have factual evidence. Here we provide five research-backed recommendations to boost your immunity.

1. Exercise

Exercising the body causes a healthy rush of new white blood cells and antigens. The increased good bacteria and protein in the body make the immune system strong enough to fight against the deadly germs and viruses that invade us from outside.

Exercising also causes the body to breathe heavily, fresh oxygen gets introduced into the system, and simultaneously, the harmful toxins are flushed out through strong exhalation, sweats, etc.

Exercising also causes the muscle tissues to grow, increasing the protein mass that is a form of immunity cells.

2. Sleep

Several scientific studies reveal how seven to eight hours of sound sleep every night can heal the body while boosting the immune system, cerebrospinal and nervous system, and cardiovascular and neurological health.

Furthermore, scientific evidence shows how a regular and sound circadian rhythm aided by good sleeping at night can have a positive influence on Cytokines, and neuroimmunology, which in turn helps to reduce inflammation.

Athletes and sportspersons requiring a very high immunity often sleep inside hyperbaric chambers to reap the dual benefits of sleep and hyperbaric therapy for immunity boosting.

3. Hyperbaric Therapy for Immunity

Since 65% of the human body is oxygen and is one of the most common and vital components. The body requires oxygenated cells to perform at optimum levels. Thus, oxygen treatments for the body are one of the most effective ways to boost immunity.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves infusing pure oxygen into the bloodstream through natural breathing inside a specialized hyperbaric chamber. The air pressure inside the chamber is increased to 1.5 to 3 times the normal level. It hastens the oxygen infusion into the bloodstream.

Neutrophils and macrophages are two forms of blood cells that detect and neutralize harmful fungi and bacteria in the body. Research shows that hyperbaric therapy for immunity causes an increase in these two blood cell types.

On the other hand, some bacteria and viruses thrive in an oxygenless atmosphere. These are harmful to the body and can cause some deadly diseases. These are known as anaerobic pathogens, and an hour of hyperbaric oxygen therapy session can nullify and decrease the count of such pathogens in the body to a great level.

4.  Feast on Vegetables

Regular intake of health conducive food leads to robust immunity. Consuming fibrous and vitamin and mineral-rich, green, leafy, and colorful vegetables improves the body’s tissue regeneration and prevents the stomach from various ailments such as diarrhea, cramps, and constipation.

It also helps to have a sound digestive system which is an essential part of the immune system to properly function. Eating dry fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants helps the body to fight and neutralize damaging free radicals.

5. Health Supplements

As the name suggests, health supplements should be taken as supplements, and not the main diet. It is meant to support health and provide essential nutrition for the body where it might lack certain vitamins or minerals due to various reasons.

For example, where the conditions are not apt to receive sunshine vitamins, taking vitamin supplements can have a therapeutic effect. However, one should exercise caution, strategy, and proper medical counseling before taking health supplements.

Wrap Up

Understanding the human immune system and its components and workings has led science to find effective fact-backed ways to boost immunity.

From the intake of antioxidants to the infusion of increased oxygen in the blood plasma through hyperbaric therapy for immunity boosting, there are various scientific ways to make your body combat-ready. These are very effective and do not cause any side effects.

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