About Us

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Be Healthy with Jeervana

logo jeervana® is a wellness company that aims to make people have a healthier body with a beautiful state of mind of happiness. Obesity, diabetes and other health issues are in the rise in epidemic proportions.

Our mission is to educate and offer products that make you energetic regardless of your age, and let you be healthy despite your hectic schedule. All of the company’s products are made from purely natural, nutritious, and organic ingredients that facilitate healthy living and help the user attain a wholesome lifestyle. Jeervana offers healthy and nutritive superfoods, which incorporate beneficial, natural ingredients, sourced from around the world, made in USA in a state of the art manufacturing facility of our partner in San Francisco, California.

Our Philosophy

The name logo jeervana® is an amalgamation of the Sanskrit words, Jeevan and Nirvana, meaning life and transcendence respectively. This name is a perfect reflection of the core philosophy of the company, as well as our overarching goals as an organization.

Commitment to Quality

logo jeervana® products have satisfied customers around the continent with our ability to help you maintain a healthy and green lifestyle, while keeping you energized and active throughout the day. Combined with regular exercise our nutritional supplements can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle that you desired!

Our mission is facilitating your desires for a healthy mind and body, an energetic and positive disposition, and the glow of good health facilitated a highly nutritive power diet incorporating clean, natural ingredients. You can check out our specific product pages of your interest for more information about each of our products and offerings.