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The Yoga Poses That Will Support Your Immune System as You Move Into Fall

As the year slowly proceeds, more and more communities and events are returning to their normal ways of functioning. This is incredibly exciting for many people, but it can also be intimidating. It’s especially concerning if you’re

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Lock In Your Energy for the Day With These Effective Yoga Moves

Waking up and getting into a groove for the day is tough. It’s even tougher when the world is reopening and you have to get used to going places again. Even if you’re not in school, the

Make Your Mindfulness

Try These 3 Excellent Ideas to Make Your Mindfulness or Yoga Habit Stick

So you’ve decided to start practising yoga or mindfulness every day. That’s great! However, you may be finding that Day 14 or your habit is a lot tougher than Day 1 was. If you’re finding yourself losing


Adding a Journaling Practice to Your Mindfulness Can Give You Loads of Extra Benefits

When you dipped your toe into the world of mindfulness, you may have initially felt loads of changes in your thinking from the start. Or, conversely, you may have felt a bit stiff as you tried to

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Build Killer Core Muscles Using These Key Yoga Poses

The benefits of yoga are touted far and wide these days. Yoga is credited with the slim, toned bodies of many celebrities and influencers both in the entertainment news and on social media. You may have started