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What is Collagen and What Are Its Uses?

Collagen is one of those skincare words that is heard or read about a lot, especially on blogs and websites discussing natural skincare items. As someone who is closely involved in beauty assisting, I see the term regularly: on serum bottles that claim to preserve it and collagen supplements promising to “plump” it. However, most

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5 Important Skin Care Tips that You Cannot Do Without

Women around the world are on an eternal quest to find the best trick, hack, or fix to get clear, glowing, wrinkle-free, and healthy skin. I was inspired to write this blog today after I met a friend of mine for lunch, who had the most beautiful skin I had seen in a very long

What Happened After I Started Using Collagen Protein Powder?

I graduated college about a year ago and started working full-time right away. And I have to say, the whole thing required quite a bit of adjustment. Work life is nothing like college; you can’t ditch the morning classes and there’s no last moment cramming at the end of the semester. My Busy Schedule and

Does the Progreens Powder Work? Here Is What I Feel

The all-natural Jeervana ProGreens Powder has benefited me in ways I could not have imagined had I not used the product. This superfood can unlock the true potential of the body, that will help us live a long and healthy life. Jeervana ProGreens Powder contains more than 30 ingredients including an advanced probiotic formula that

How can CoQ10 Heart Supplements Benefit Your Health?

Heart disease has been the principal cause for adult deaths in the United States for more than a decade. The number of fatalities occurring due to heart ailments have exceeded those caused by the different types of cancer, respiratory disorders, stroke, and accidents. Leading an unhealthy life can substantially increase the risk of heart diseases


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