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Working From Home Brings Lots of Muscle Stiffness – Use These Yoga Poses to Feel Better

The past year or so has brought multiple changes to people’s work environments. People in many different lines of work have found themselves figuring out how to work from home for the first time ever. While this

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Mindfulness Strategies Can Help You Come Out of the Pandemic Gracefully – Here’s How

No matter where you live these days, you are probably seeing and hearing more information about the country reopening. People are beginning to travel again, starting to see family and friends again and restarting with a new


Practicing Yoga at Different Times of Day Can Bring You More Benefits

Whether they’re new or experience yogis, more people are practicing yoga now than ever before. The significant boosts to both physical and mental health that come with yoga are just too good to ignore – especially when


Here’s What You Really Need to Know About Mindfulness

There are a lot of words floating around the wellness arena this year, and mindfulness is one of them. Perhaps you’ve heard your friends use the term. Maybe you’ve seen an ever-growing amount of articles on the

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Use These Creative Ideas to Make a Yoga Practice Part of Your Life

Information touting the physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga seems to be widely available nearly everywhere these days. There also seems to be a large range of yoga classes and programs available for nearly every fitness