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I Took Biotin 5000 MCG and Here’s What Happened

Ever since the birth of my child, I had been losing hair at an alarming rate. Here I share my experiences with the Biotin 5000 supplement from Jeervana.

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Healthy Living Tips for Those New to Adulting

Entering adulthood is an exciting time of life. With the new-found independence, you have to deal with a lot of responsibilities too. When I completed …

What is Biotin and What Are Its Benefits?

In recent years, biotin is being considered as an essential supplement due to its multiple health benefits. There are a good number of reasons for the …

learn about collagen benefits

What is Collagen and What Are Its Uses?

Collagen is one of those skincare words that is heard or read about a lot, especially on blogs and websites discussing natural skincare items. As …

promote healthy skin

5 Important Skin Care Tips that You Cannot Do Without

Women around the world are on an eternal quest to find the best trick, hack, or fix to get clear, glowing, wrinkle-free, and healthy skin. I was inspired to write this blog today after I met a friend of mine for lunch, who had the most beautiful skin I had seen in a very long


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