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Do Biotin Supplements Help Skin Glow & Strengthen Hair and Nails?

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If you have been recently searching for ways to prevent your instances of peeling nails, improve your inflamed skin condition, or combat high hair breakage online, you would have come across taking biotin supplements as a viable solution. But is it a beneficial choice?

Most ads promote biotin as an effective solution to get a glowing complexion, unbreakable nails, and glossy and healthy hair. But is it really true? You can only get the answer if you understand what biotin exactly is. Understanding fundamentals will help you decide whether you should take biotin supplements.

For the uninitiated, biotin is a type of Vitamin B. It is popularly known as Vitamin B7. Although people taking the biotin 5000 supplements get some benefits, certified nutritionists believe there isn’t enough reliable scientific evidence supporting the claims that biotin helps nails become stronger, prevents hair thinning, and gives glowing skin. Biotin supplements do have some benefits that aren’t restricted to hair, skin, and nails; many commercials tend to overblow its role.

If you plan to take biotin 5000 supplements, ensure you clearly understand what it is, what it does, and whether you even need to consume it. We have answered all these questions in this article, so ensure you read it until the end.

What is Biotin and What Exactly Does it Do?

It is an essential nutrient needed by our body to perform certain functions. While most believe biotin can only be obtained through supplements, it isn’t the case. Many food items contain biotin in appropriate amounts, like meat. If pork chops, beef liver, hamburgers, eggs, fish, and dairy products are part of your daily diet, you probably get biotin in the required amount from food. Even vegetarian food items contain biotin. Items like sweet potato, broccoli, and spinach are rich sources of biotin. Some prenatal vitamins and multivitamins also contain biotin.

You should not take biotin 5000 supplements if you aren’t clear on their role in your body. After talking to numerous certified nutritionists, we found biotin assists in the metabolism of amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose. Simply put, it helps convert the fat, protein, and carbs consumed through food into energy. Some believe biotin also helps in gene regulation, cell signaling, and the normal functioning of our nervous system.

Biotin 5000 supplements do play a role in improving skin texture, hair quality, and strengthening nails, provided you don’t over-consume these supplements. You should talk to a trustworthy doctor or nutritionist to determine whether you need biotin supplements or you’re already enough from your regular diet.

Do You Really Need Biotin Supplements?

Although there isn’t any dietary allowance for biotin, experts recommend that adults take anywhere from 30 to 100 mg daily. According to nutritionists, people who consume a healthy diet and eat enough meat, meet this requirement naturally. But if your diet is devoid of biotin, you may take the biotin 5000 supplement. Cases of biotin deficiency are rare, but in cases where this deficiency was spotted, conditions like seborrheic dermatitis in babies, a genetic disorder, and surgical removal of the stomach were noticed. If you drink plenty of alcohol, it can also lead to biotin deficiency as drinking inhibits your body’s ability to absorb this nutrient.

But the case is slightly different for pregnant women. Nutritionists believe that pregnant women can develop biotin deficiency even if they are consuming more than the average amount of Vitamin B7 in their diet. It can lead to skin rashes, seizures, hair thinning, weak nails, etc. So, pregnant women can take biotin supplement to prevent biotin deficiency from emerging. We recommend consulting a doctor to determine whether biotin supplements are safe to consume during pregnancy.

Things You Must Know About Biotin Supplements

The need to get flawless skin, stronger nails and healthy hair has led to the growth of numerous biotin supplement providers in the market. While some are excellent, most aren’t. For example, some supplements contain 1,000 to 1,500 mg of biotin in one pill, which is way higher than the recommended range of 30 to 100 mg a day. If you over consume biotin, your body may eliminate the excess through urine. Although there are not enough scientific studies highlighting that biotin is toxic at increased levels, it doesn’t mean you should consume more than what is needed by your body.

Another vital aspect you must remember before taking biotin 5000 supplement is that these supplements can interfere with the lab test results, especially the ones taken through blood. If you have any lab test scheduled in the coming days, it is recommended to stop taking biotin supplements at least 3 to 4 days before the test to prevent it from affecting the lab test reports. If you’re taking biotin supplements, communicate the same to your doctor or lab test technician, so it doesn’t create any health problems or lead to misdiagnosis.

You should also make it a point to only take supplements from trusted brands, as they possess little to no risk, and you can be confident while having them.

Take Biotin Supplements with Caution for Best Results

Now that you understand what biotin is and whether you should take biotin 5000 supplements, you can make an informed decision. While biotin supplements are mostly safe, ensure you don’t over consume them. The best part about biotin is it gets flushed out by our system when the proportion exceeds the required amount, preventing any biotin toxicity in our body. If you don’t want cystic acne, rashes, or other problems, ensure you take biotin supplements in the prescribed amount. You can talk to your doctor about the ideal consumption amount based on your bodily requirements.

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