Healthy Living and Wellness Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Healthy Living and Wellness Trends
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As 2019 approaches, the wellness and fitness trends are changing. With keto diet, intermittent fasting, and low oil cooking, many people chose dominating diet plans to stay healthy last year. This year, there a positive, strong shift towards staying mentally sound. Being stress-free and leading a peaceful life is now a part of everyone’s fitness regime.

Many experts believe that health trends are not really trends as these never fade away. With science advancements, every year there are new ways and methods of staying healthy and mentally fit. Nevertheless, everyone is still excited about implementing a new fitness regime in the coming year for a healthy living. So, we have compiled a list of new healthy living trends that we will see in 2019.

Healthy Living and Wellness Trends You Will See In 2019

Trend #1 Eco Keto Diet

While the keto diet was a soaring trend, which took an upward turn in the past few years only, it is not going anywhere the next year as well. In 2018 and previous years, the ketogenic diet encouraged people to stop consumption of sugars, carbs, and grains and replace it with animal fat, vegetables, and meat.

Although this worked for many people and is still a proven method for effective weight loss, it is not eco-friendly. The increasing amount of meat consumption leads to more requirements. And it is known that the greenhouse gases produced by livestock industry are almost equivalent to transport.

The eco-keto is mostly a plant-based diet which focuses more on increasing the energy levels in the body, reducing cravings, and decreasing inflammation.

Trend #2 Virtual Workout Subscription

The growth in the digital world has surely given us a lot of comforts — from being able to order anything online to studying remotely. Now, the virtual workout is also in trend. There are many health practitioners and personal trainers who have started online classes. You can exercise from the comfort of your home and still receive the guidance from a professional.

No doubt, this remains tJeervanahe most popular trend of 2018, which will enter 2019 as well. The reason being it is convenient, cost-effective, and gives the flexibility of time.

Trend #3 Mesonutrients

In the Greek language, macro means big, micro means small, and meso means inside. While macronutrients are the main nutrients in our food and micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals, the mesonutrients are the active compounds that give our food superpowers. Simply explained, the health benefits of our food come from mesonutrients.

For instance, red foods such as tomato and watermelon have an active compound called lycopene. Many studies show that lycopene strengthens bones and reduces skin damage caused due to the environment.

The popularity of mesonutrients only means that everyone will be more conscious about the function of food we are consuming and how it can help us with healthy living.

Trend #4 Smart jewelry Trackers

We have smartphone apps and smartwatches to track our wellbeing including sleep pattern, heart rate, steps, workout, etc. Many brands have started developing smart jewelry trackers as well. These jewelry trackers don’t only track wellbeing but also track your stress levels and response to it, skin temperature, and heart rate patterns.

Bellabeat Leaf has launched many smart jewelry products for women to track their sleep patterns, steps, stress levels, and the menstrual cycle. Next year, the same brand is also launching a water bottle which will help you keep a check on your hydration levels.

Trend #5 Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is a method of fasting for long hours in 24 hours and eating for the rest. The most popular right now is 16:8 window, in which the fasting time is 16 hours and eating time is 8 hours. You start your food consumption midday but stop at around 8 PM in the night.

One other method is 14:10 window, which has 14 hours fasting and 10 hours eating window. You can start eating in the late morning (around 10 AM) and stop around midday (or 8 PM).

Initially, you would suffer from hunger pangs in the early morning or late at night, but with time, you will become used to the idea.

Trend #6 Mindfulness

Since mental health is a major priority in 2019, mindfulness can help a lot. This simply means adopting mindfulness in every activity of the day. For instance, keep the phone aside when you are having lunch or dinner, savoring the food you are eating, and meditating every day.

Being able to consciously feel every moment and what you are doing leads to better mental wellbeing.

Trend #7 Circadian Rhythm

In 2019, whether you are willing to lose weight, increase stamina, have a stress-free life, or improve overall health, sleep is essential. Circadian rhythm is more or less related to our sleep patterns. It is our biological clock.

What is the circadian rhythm?

The two important hormones, namely, melatonin and cortisol, have a big role to play in circadian rhythm. When we are supposed to wake up in the morning from our sleep, the cortisol levels in our body is at peak. This helps us stay alert and have the energy to carry through the day. So as the day sets in, the melatonin rises to help us wind up the day and get a good sleep.

But, when these hormones (or sleep pattern) are disturbed, we can feel energy disturbances all throughout the day. You can experience a sudden burst of wakefulness and sleepiness (low energy) anytime in the day.

Trend #8 Work-Life Balance

Gone are the days when employees used to regularly stay back in office, never log-off, or take work home. Today, work-life balance is important. 2019 will be all about embracing work-life balance by professionals. People have started caring more about mental health and taking some time off from work.


As we enter the new year, there will be a lot of changes in how people perceive healthy living. Earlier, counting calories in food were one of the major tasks for many. Now, people would rather eat on time and follow a fixed schedule. Probably, many of the above trends may fade away in a year or two, but the importance of mental health, healthy lifestyle and peaceful life are here to stay. Hence, get ready to catch up on these new trends in 2019.

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