How can Pure Indian Moringa Powder Promote Complete Health And Better Lifestyle?

Moringa Plant leaf
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Moringa Oleifera is an ancient plant with many medicinal and nutritional qualities. Although pure Moringa powder is native to India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, it is now known and used across the globe because of its health benefits and has been termed as a “superfood” by the modern health industry. Different people from various continents refer it from different names such as drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben tree, etc. Additionally, Moringa Oleifera plant is easy to grow as it is not severely affected by adverse weather conditions and damaged soil.

In the Indian sub-continent, the common mass from all corners of the country have grown up consuming this beneficial “superfood” and vouch for its many benefits out of sheer real life experiences.

Health Benefits of Pure Indian Moringa Powder

Pure Indian Moringa powder contains antioxidants of 46 diverse types, which fights the formation of free radicals. The protein content of pure Indian Moringa powder can surpass various types of meat and stands as a viable and affordable source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Here are eight benefits of pure Indian Moringa powder that promote overall health:

1. Rich in Antioxidants

With age, our bodies are affected by extreme exposure to pollution, toxins, and other chemicals. This collective effect contributes to the damaging of cells, which leads to the formation of free radicals. The free radical formation in our body alone can cause an array of health problems such as cancer.

The tender leaves of the pure Indian Moringa powder has nearly 46 antioxidants that help in fighting free radical formation. On regular consumption of Moringa, you can avoid biomolecular oxidative damage and provide extra protection to your body to fight oxidative harm.

2. Rich In Nutrients and Vitamins

Moringa Oleifera is a rich source of approximately 96 different types of nutrients and vitamins, which together complete the daily dosage of required nutrients for the human body. A study says that daily use of seeds and leaves of Moringa Oleifera offer RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for calcium, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Nutritional table of pure Moringa powder


In 100g

Fat 6g
Energy 1281 kJ
Carbohydrates 26g
Protein 25g
Fibre 24g
Salt 0.17g
Nutrient reference value (%NRV)
Vitamin K 1587%
Vitamin A 189%
Vitamin C 29%
Vitamin E 674%
B1 or Thiamin 73%
B2 or Riboflavin 79%
Vitamin B12 81%
Vitamin B6 72%
Calcium 247%
Potassium 73%
Magnesium 132%
Zinc 25%
Iron 322%

3. Boosts Energy

Similar to caffeine and most energy drinks, Moringa Oleifera provides instant energy to the body only after few minutes of intake. It, in fact, promotes peaceful sleep cycle if taken before bed.

Historical evidences have documented that in ancient times, Indian warriors, kings, and queens used to consume Moringa Oleifera before war to boost body’s energy and help them alleviate stress and pain occurring during the war.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Inflammation is a natural body process which is triggered to protect the body from infections and dieseases caused by foreign agents. However, in some cases such as arthritis, inflammatory response is triggered by our body’s immune system when there are no foreign agents in the body. In such scenarios, the inflammation caused by the immune system starts damaging healthy tissue.

Moringa Oleifera has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can sometimes be used to even treat acute inflammatory issues.

5. Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

Pure Indian Moringa powder contains many minerals and vitamins, which makes it a good supplement for hair and skin health.

A study found out that application of Moringa oil on skin could fight off free radical formation, provide smooth skin, reduce effects of pollution on the skin, restore moisture in the scalp, and restore natural glow of the skin. Similarly, consumption of pure Indian Moringa powder will help in hair growth and complement the skin by putting a natural glow on it.

6. Reduces Stress and Depression

Whenever we are stressed, our body releases cortisol, which creates a fight or flight response. Due to this, many other important body functions are stopped to escape what is presumed as life-threatening situation. If a person is constantly under stress, cortisol keeps releasing and activating same responses in the body. Prolonged effect of this leads to health issues such as bad metabolic activities.
Moringa Oleifera, on the other hand, if consumed paired with other substances can show a significant improvement in treating depression and stress.

7. Offers Relief from Anaemia

Anaemia is a common condition that occurs due to shortage of healthy RBCs or red blood cells in the body. People who don’t consume required amount of vitamin B12, iron, or folate can have anaemia, which can lead to lightheadedness, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Pure Indian Moringa powder has the capability of providing approximately 30% iron to the body, which can help treating iron deficiency induced anaemia.

8. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Moringa Oleifera is also a rich source of flavonoids as it has natural antioxidant properties of fighting free radicals, and can reduce cholesterol. All of these positive health effects of Moringa lead to a healthy heart.
A research proves the positive effects of Moringa Oleifera in promoting healthy heart and protection against cardiovascular health problems.

9.Pure Indian Moringa Powder for Weight Loss

Another benefit of Moringa Oleifera is that it can help in weight loss. Consumption of Moringa Oleifera provides enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the body, which reduces the fast food cravings. With reduction of sugar intake and unhealthy food, the body starts reducing weight naturally.

How to Take Pure Indian Moringa Powder?

Since Moringa is an herbal plant, there is no particular prescribed dose for consumption of Moringa Oleifera. However, it is suggested to start with very small dosage and increase as and when necessary. You can mix pure Indian Moringa poweder in your tea, smoothies, soups, and the food you cook at home.

In Conclusion

Moringa Oleifera is considered a superfood because it has various health benefits, antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, ability to control cholesterol and diabetes, and power to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. However, as suggested for any other home remedies and natural supplements, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis of your issues, dosage, and associated benefits of the Moringa plant.

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