How Moringa Can Increase the Breast Milk Supply of New Mothers?

Moringa Increases Breast Milk Supply
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The basic requirements of a newborn baby are food and hygiene. It has been a practice over ages that the few months after birth a baby is strictly fed mother’s breast milk. There are medically proven causes of the same because breast milk fights a good number of diseases giving the baby maximum protection at that vulnerable stage. Breast milk contains anti-bodies which help the baby to fight bacteria, viruses, asthma, and different types of allergies as well. It also protects a baby from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Not just for babies, breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother too. Feeding breast milk burns the extra calories, helps the uterus to reduce back to its own size, and also reduces the chances of ovarian cancer.

However, even though the mother wishes to breastfeed, sometimes they cannot produce enough milk for the baby to fully nourish them, and this leads them to look for other alternatives. On the happy occasion of Mother’s Day, when we cherish motherhood and the influence of mothers on our society, the article will explore the role of Moringa leaves to play in increasing the production of breast milk. Native to Asia and Africa, Moringa, commonly known as the miracle tree, has been used to do away with malnutrition in infants as well as breastfeeding mothers.

1. Rich in Iron:

The lack of iron is a crucial reason for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue caused due to sleepless nights and loss of blood during birth. A single give out of Moringa powder contains 46.8% of the iron requirement. Mixing up some into a green smoothie with other leafy greens or taking a shot mixed with apple juice is a great natural way of consuming it. Increase in the iron content will fill up the energy requirements in the formation of breast milk.

2. Calcium Content:

Calcium gets reduced as the newborn feeds on the mother’s milk. They tend to lose bone mass as lesser estrogen is formed, a hormone which protects the bone mass. A new mother needs a calcium supply of 1,000 mgs per day. Moringa, as it is rich in calcium, shoots up the calcium in the body of the mother ensuring that both the mom and the baby get the optimum calcium supply required for a healthy growth. This helps in an unhindered formulation of breast milk in the mother’s body, thereby increasing the breast milk production to a large extent.

3. Rich in Vitamin Content:

Vitamin K is an important aspect which contributes to blood clotting. New moms who bleed heavily after birth are helped by this to a great extent. It also contains vitamins A, E, and K. Having moringa powder is like having oranges, milk, banana, yogurt all at the same time. The multi-vitamin richness of moringa gives the mother rejuvenated strength and helps her body to function properly.

4. Acts as a Galactagouge:

Galactagouge is a natural substance which helps to increase the flow of the mother’s milk. It has been scientifically proved that moringa powder has increased the flow of the mother’s milk. It has been scientifically proved that moringa has increased up to 100% milk supply. Often compared with placebo for its capacity to increase breast milk, moringa shows lactogenic effect which results in the induction of the prolactin production. Each baby’s sucking period is supposed to increase this plasma prolactin. Various studies have shown that there has been an increase in breast milk production of the mothers who took moringa.

A study in the Philippines Journal of Pediatrics published a report in which they reflected the value of moringa in increasing breast milk and they reported: “evidence unanimously found out that moringa increases the breast milk volume.” On top of that moringa does not have any side effects. However, the best part is it is not very difficult to get moringa. You can buy Moringa Powder online. It is available in the form of drugs and tablets too. Moringa powder can also be mixed with your food. There are drugs and tablets available for moringa too.


Whatever way it may be, in-taking moringa is beneficial for a new mother to increase the production of breast milk. So, on the special occasion of Mother’s Day gift some moringa powder to the new mothers to ensure their well-being and of the newborn infants.

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