I Took Biotin 5000 MCG and Here’s What Happened

biotin 5000 experience
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Ever since the birth of my second child, I had been losing hair at an alarming rate. For the first couple of months after the birth, I pretty much ignored the excessive hair fall, as I was too busy with the new baby to spend much time thinking about anything else.

I’d also naively hoped that the problem would go away eventually if I just refused to acknowledge it. After all, the pregnancy had been hard and exhausting. It was only to be expected that my body would take some time to recover.

However, when the problem didn’t sort itself out even after a couple of months had passed, I figured it was time to get proactive about finding a solution. This, of course, was easier said than done. Various people suggested various different remedies to my hair-fall problem, but very few of them made any significant difference in the long-term. Plus, all this experimentation was costing me a fair amount of money.

Being Introduced to Jeervana’s Biotin 5000 Supplement

One of my friends finally suggested I try Jeervana’s Biotin 5000 supplement. She called it a ‘hair vitamin’, and said that it had helped her a lot when she began rapidly losing hair after a major surgery. She thought that the problem might have been caused by stress and illness, but the Biotin 5000 had restored the full head of curly, voluminous hair she’d had throughout her twenties.

I figured I had nothing to lose. After all, this supplement wasn’t very expensive. And it would either work or it wouldn’t. If it worked, that’d solve all my problems. And if it didn’t? Well, then it would just be another failed experiment on my ever-growing pile.

I ordered the product online and it arrived sooner than I’d expected. That day, I took a deep breath and swallowed one of the 60 capsules in the bottle with a cup of water after dinner. Everything felt pretty much the same the next morning and I didn’t seem to be having any adverse reactions to the supplement. So I shrugged and resolved to try the product for two months. If it worked, great! If not, I simply wouldn’t order another bottle after this one was over.

The Effects of the Supplement

Even before one whole month had passed, I began noticing some changes, not only in my hair but also in my skin and nails. To begin with, I noticed a great reduction in the rate of hair fall I was experiencing. I no longer had clumps of hair sticking to my brush every time I sat down to comb my hair.

Moreover, my hair also seemed more voluminous and bouncy. It was no longer lying lifelessly on my back. And I couldn’t believe how fast it grew, once I began taking the Biotin 5000 supplement. My husband says it almost grew an inch within a month!

As for my skin, I noticed that some of the crow’s feet around my eyes had begun to fade and disappear within a month of me taking the Biotin 5000 capsules. My skin also felt more youthful, soft, and supple than it had in years. At thirty-eight, I almost felt like I was back in college! All my friends noticed the change and commented on how amazing my skin looked. It was one of the most satisfying things about this whole experience!

I’d never really tried to grow my nails before, because they usually just broke off after reaching a certain length. It was just a minor nuisance, though, so I never bothered to get it checked out. The friend who had suggested I try the Biotin 5000 from Jeervana insisted that I try to grow my nails out a few weeks after I started taking the supplement. She said that taking the Biotin capsules had helped her get stronger, healthier nails.

And guess what, she wasn’t wrong! I’ve had long, beautifully shaped nails for more than six months (ever since I started taking the supplement), and they’ve never broken off a single time! I’d say it’s a miracle, but it’s really just medical science.

The Benefits of Biotin

I’ve been reading up on Biotin after Jeervana’s supplement brought about such a change in my life, and I’ve found that biotin, also known as Vitamin H, helps promote skin cell regeneration and boosts energy production via the disintegration of fatty acids and glucose. Biotin is also an important coenzyme which our body needs in order to effectively perform carboxylation reactions. Biotin also helps with the metabolism of fats, amino acids, and sugars.

And the best part in that Jeervana’s Biotin 5000 capsules are a hundred percent vegan. Both me and my husband have been trying to go vegan for a couple of years, now. So, for us, that really is a massive plus!

But you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the massive benefits of this supplement. In fact, I’ll recommend it to anyone who’s experiencing hairloss, excessive wrinkling of the skin, or a general lack of energy and productivity, all of which can be symptoms of biotin deficiency in humans.

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