Lock In Your Energy for the Day With These Effective Yoga Moves

yoga poses
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Waking up and getting into a groove for the day is tough. It’s even tougher when the world is reopening and you have to get used to going places again. Even if you’re not in school, the new school year impacts many people’s schedules. This school year will look a lot more typical, which will mean more places to go. It will also mean that you’ll need to be up and ready to actually leave your house a lot more reliably. If you’re struggling to gain the energy you need to get out the door each day, try these yoga poses to give yourself a much-needed energy boost:

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose gets you using your glutes, which are the largest muscles in your body. Flexing the largest muscles in your body helps to boost your blood flow. Additionally, bridge pose gets your hips elevated above your head, which also helps to increase your circulation. Better blood flow will mean more energy for you and your busy day ahead. To do a bridge pose, start by laying on your back with your legs bent and the bottoms of your feet resting on the floor. As you breathe out, contract your glutes and push your tailbone toward the ceiling. Push up until your thighs can form a straight line with your belly and the rest of your torso. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.

Breath of Joy

Breath of Joy is more of a brief yoga sequence than a yoga pose. This movement gets you taking big breaths and uses movement to encourage flow in both your lymphatic and circulatory systems. And, once again, more movement within your body is going to equal more energy for you throughout your whole day. To perform Breath of Joy, begin in a standing position with your feet about hip distance apart. As you breathe in, make loose fists with your hands and bring them up in front of you. Continue to breathe in as you then move your arms out to the sides and then up over your head. Once your arms are up over your head, exhale powerfully and take a forward fold.

Low Lunge With an Arch

Performing a Low Lunge with an Arch will give your whole body the chance to perform a slight back bend while also opening your hips and releasing tension from them. To do a low lunge, begin on all fours and then step one foot forward. Make sure that the knee of your front foot is placed directly over the ankle. Once your feet are secure, inhale and straighten your spine so that your torso is upright and facing forward. You should feel a stretch in the hip of your back leg. Now that your torso is up, use your next inhale to gently lean back into an arch and lift your arms up above your head for an additional opening stretch.

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