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Healthy Holiday Choices

Make Healthy Holiday Choices to Start 2020 Strong

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The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are declining and the time for holiday parties is approaching. You may be anxious about unwanted weight gain and avoiding the dessert table at your upcoming events. There is also the concern that holiday parties mean a packed schedule and interaction with difficult family members. Although these concerns are valid ones, you do not have to lose your healthy momentum now. Here are some ideas to end your 2019 in a healthy way so you can begin next year with no regrets:

Bring Healthy Food

Perhaps the smorgasbord of seasonal treats awaiting you at holiday gatherings is tempting. However, the hankering for unhealthy food does not have to mean that you are doomed to a day of awful eating decisions. What it does mean is that you can take some power into your own hands. Take it upon yourself to bring a healthy alternative. Find a healthy recipe for something that you enjoy eating and ask if you can bring this dish with you to your holiday party. Does it seem like too much work to make something? Purchase a pre-prepared healthy dish or salad kit from your local grocery store and plan to bring it with you to the event. 

Snack Before You Go

A common mistake that surfaces during the holiday season is avoiding food before and after an event because you know that large amounts of food will be served at the party. Going to a party hungry makes you more likely to overeat because you are so hungry that you are not able to make healthy decisions about what you are eating. Eating a small snack and drinking a glass of water actually makes you more likely to eat less at the gathering you are about to attend. If your body does not feel as though it is starving, you will be better able to choose healthy foods and plan your indulgences. 

Make Time for Activities That Bring You Joy

The fact that your upcoming schedule will be chaotic does not mean that you need to stress about it. Write down the future parties and events in your planner or input them into your digital calendar. Then determine when in the next few weeks you can make time for some things that you enjoy doing. If you have 15 minutes of downtime before you need to get ready for a party, sit on your couch reading a favorite book. Got 30 minutes? Watch an episode of that hilarious sitcom you’ve been wanting to binge. Do you have an hour or two? Schedule a manicure or massage before you need to be on the go again.

There’s no need to enter the holiday season feeling defeated. Just because the schedule is hectic does not mean that you need to feel rushed or make unfortunate eating decisions. With a little preparation, your holiday season can have you entering 2020 feeling healthy and strong.

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