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Jeervana Collagen Powder

Collagen Powder

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PROMOTES HEALTHY HAIR, SKIN, AND NAILS: Replenish your sagging skin, thinning hair, and brittle nails with hydrolyzed collagen. Collagen promotes skin cell regeneration, hair growth and the moisturization of nails.

SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINT FUNCTION: This dietary collagen supplement powder has been specially formulated to support and facilitate healthy joint function in addition to general wellbeing.

CONNECTIVE TISSUE SUPPORT: The product is ideal for providing support to connective tissue, which is found throughout the body.

INGREDIENTS: It contains predigested or hydrolyzed collagen powder, which has been acquired from bovine sources.

OTHER BENEFITS: Collagen powder is known to reduce joint pain, cellulite content, and skin wrinkling while improving digestive health.


Collagen Powder

The key ingredients of collagen powder include protein, hydrolyzed collagen, calories, glumatic acid, histidine, leucine, isoleucine, and other types of amino acids. These amino acids play an essential role in protecting and promoting the connective tissues of the human body.

Collagen is an essential protein that helps promote healthy and vibrant skin that is free of wrinkles. Collagen also provides much-needed elasticity to the skin, which in turn makes the skin appear healthier and more youthful.

The connective tissues in our stomach contain collagen. This collagen helps strengthen and support the protective lining inside the human digestive tract. This function of collagen prevents particles from passing into the bloodstream from the intestine, thus promoting gut health.

According to scientific evidence, collagen powder is especially beneficial for aged people. Healthy persons may also benefit from consuming collagen powder as a dietary supplement. Ideally, two tablespoons of collagen powder should be consumed once every day. The powder should be dissolved into 8 oz. of water, juice, or sports drink before consumption. The directions of a healthcare professional should be followed when taking this dietary supplement.

5 reviews for Collagen Powder

  1. Anita Smith

    This collagen powder is the best among what I have tried so far. It mixes quickly with water or juices and tastes great. A great supplement to restore unhealthy skin, counter excessive hair fall, and brittle nails.

  2. Katherine Boyle

    I drink this supplement every morning with my smoothie or fruit juice. The collagen powder dissolves completely in the liquid and doesn’t change the flavor much. I have found that my skin is not dry anymore and it also helped to improve my hair and nails.

  3. Theo

    I am really benefited using this supplement and highly recommend it for others who are suffering from joint pains.

  4. Tim Ramsay

    This is so far the perfect supplement for my painful joints. I start my day with a mixture of collagen powder and water. It has shown positive results and also helps to boost my immune system.

  5. Sandra Jones

    This product is amazing for hair, skin and nails. After using this supplement for a few weeks I am really pleased with the results. This is the easiest way to add the essential amino acids to your diet. It’s awesome !!.

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