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Practicing Yoga at Different Times of Day Can Bring You More Benefits

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Whether they’re new or experience yogis, more people are practicing yoga now than ever before. The significant boosts to both physical and mental health that come with yoga are just too good to ignore – especially when the world is going through such a tumultuous time. While you may have started a yoga practice, you may not know that doing yoga can bring different benefits to your day depending on when you complete your yoga practice. If wisely chosen, the time of day when you practice yoga can help to support your state of mind for the day, as well as your long term mental and physical goals. Here are the ways that you can harness timing to get the most out of your yoga:

Morning Yoga – Start Your Day Right

A yoga practice in the morning goes a long way toward getting your day off to a good beginning. Starting your day with yoga gives you the opportunity to set your intention for the day. Do you want to have a day that is peaceful and restful? Are you hoping to crush your productivity goals and cross lots of things off of your to-do list? You can choose a yoga practice that prepares you to set the tone for the day right from the beginning. A morning yoga time also gives you the chance to get energized and do something kind for your body before the busyness of the day can derail any of your health goals.

Mid-Day Yoga – Take a Breather and Get Back on Course

Injecting a yoga session into the middle of your day may seem tough. However, it can also give you a much-needed break to prioritize your health and wellbeing. While the day can get busier and busier as it progresses, taking time for a brief yoga practice around lunchtime can help your day feel more sane. Once you complete your yoga session, you can continue your day with renewed vigor and the knowledge that you did something to help yourself, even if the rest of your day will involve doing things for others. Additionally, if you’re having a tough day, a mid-day yoga time helps you to get back on track both mentally and physically.

Evening Yoga – Release the Day and Prepare for a Good Night’s Rest

By practicing some yoga in the evening, you provide yourself with a slow-moving, reflective time to process and let go of the day’s events. Oftentimes, your body carries tension throughout the day in response to things you’re doing that day. Completing a calming yoga sequence lets you release the physical tension that has built up in your body so that it doesn’t compound and carry over to tomorrow. Yoga practices are also very soothing ways to end the day and prepare for sleep. If you want to end your day right and start tomorrow well, you can’t go wrong with some yoga before bed.

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