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Brain & Memory Tincture - natural supplements for memory with 7 Organic Herbs

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The Brain & Memory Tincture has been made from seven different types of organic herbs and ingredients, designed to support mental health, improve focus, and enhance memory retention. This tincture also has a better absorption rate than a capsule or powder supplement, which ensures that the beneficial effects are quick and comprehensive. Better memory retention, nerve conduction, sustained focus, mental clarity and acuity, and stress relief are some of the major benefits offered by this health supplement.

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Brain & Memory Tincture- natural supplements for memory with 7 Organic Herbs

Neurogan’s Brain & Memory Blend supports mental well-being with 7 organic herbs designed to keep you on-task. All Neurogan alcohol tinctures feature a 60% faster absorption rate than capsules and powders, for quick-action and increased effectiveness.


Shake tincture well before use. Enjoy 1 full dropper (1ml) 2-3 times a day. Mix in water with a 1/10th ratio of tincture to water.


  • Supporting normal nerve conduction and memory recall
  • Sustaining focus on the job
  • Supporting mental clarity & acuity
  • Helping to relief stress & anxiety

4 reviews for Brain & Memory Tincture

  1. Sandy Jenkins

    This Brain and Memory Tincture is actually works

    At first I was skeptical about using this cause I did not believe that such a small dose will make any difference to my health. However, I stand corrected as I have noticed significant change in my mood and energy in a week. Before I started using the Neurogen Brain & Memory Tincture my health was a bit of struggle. After using the tincture for a week I felt quite energized and my mood was more on the positive side. I started enjoying the my chores more and laughed more than I used to. The brain and memory tincture has been a blessing.

  2. Helen Green

    I love the natural boost of energy that this tincture provides me. I usually mix it in my morning tea or smoothie. Have ordered my third bottle this month.

  3. Lacy Sanchez

    I would rate the brain and memory tincture 10/10. Since I started using it a month ago, it has become my nightly routine to drink it with a glass of water before going to sleep. The textureless blend of this tincture makes it easy for me to digest and I don’t feel like I consuming something heavy. apart from helping me sleep soundly, it has also reduced my digestive inflammation significantly.

  4. Charlotte Nelson

    Have been using the tincture for a week now and I really like it. After using it for a couple of days I noticed a clarity and sharpness in my thoughts that was missing earlier. I would have to mention that the taste is quite good and generally mix it with plain water before consuming. Will buy again for sure.

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