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Organic Coconut Oil Capsules - 120 ct made from cold pressed Coconut, fresh and pure


Coconut oil capsules are organic, pure, and natural. They are made from cold-compressed coconuts and are known for promoting digestive system health, a normal cardiovascular system, and energy production. Ideally, these capsules should be taken twice a day for optimal effect. Packed with lauric acid an triglycerides, these capsules can also help you maintain healthy skin and hair over the long term.

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Coconut Oil Capsules- 100% Organic

Our Organic Coconut Oil Capsules are made from cold-pressed coconuts for freshness & purity. Packed with triglycerides and lauric acid, coconut oil helps to support a normal digestive system, promotes energy in the body, and helps maintain healthy hair and skin.


Take one Softgel, twice a day.


  • Promoting normal cardiovascular function
  • Supporting a normal digestive system
  • Promoting energy in the body
  • Helping to maintain healthy hair and skin


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