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Sleep & Relax Tincture 2 Oz - 100% Herbal


The Sleep and Relax tonic contains a number of organic ingredients that help you fall into a non-addictive sleep and dream sweet dreams. This sleep facilitating alcoholic blend contains

passionflower aerial parts
Organic hops strobile
Valeria root
California poppy aerial parts
Zizyphus seed
Distilled Water
51-60% Grain or cane alcohol
Organic fresh-extracted German chamomile flower

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Sleep & Relax Blend (2oz) – 100% Herbal

Neurogan’s Sleep & Relax Blend is a sleep tonic comprised of organic herbs designed to help you experience a better, non-habit forming slumber that sweet dreams are made of. All Neurogan alcohol tinctures feature a 60% faster absorption rate than capsules and powders, for quick-action and increased effectiveness.


Shake tincture well before use. Enjoy 1 full dropper (1ml) extract one hour before bedtime. Mix in water with a 1/10th ratio of tincture to water.

  • A non-habit forming sleep alternative
  • Promoting physical & mental relaxation


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