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What Are the Major P5P Benefits That You Should Know About?

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Health-conscious people must have heard of the P5P benefits earlier. Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P) or Vitamin B6 is a vital vitamin that is required to carry out several body functions smoothly. From facilitating metabolism at the cellular level to helping with sleep regulation, muscle growth to mood regulation- Vitamin B6 helps with all. Since Vitamin B6 cannot be naturally produced within the human body, it has to be consumed in the form of food supplements.

Having the right amount of Vitamin B6 can help in the proper maintenance of optimal health and keep chronic diseases at bay. If you are not well-aware of the P5P benefits, then you should read our complete article that focuses on the major Vitamin B6 benefits. By the end of this article, you will gain all the required knowledge concerning the benefits of P5P.

7 benefits of P5P or Vitamin B6

1. Uplifts Mood

One of the many benefits of P5P includes mood regulation. Vitamin B6 helps in creating neurotransmitters that regulate emotions. They also promote the production of other neurotransmitters like Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), serotonin, and dopamine. All these chemical messengers can significantly help you in boosting your mood.

2. Improve Brain’s Health

We all know how necessary and important a healthy and well-functioning brain is. It is believed that having Vitamin B6 or P5P may promote healthy and improved brain function. Though some people believe that it prevents Alzheimer’s risk too, the studies conducted by some institutes have delivered contradictory results. If you were considering including P5P in your diet to improve your brain’s function or to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s, then it is advised that you consult your physician first. A professional’s advice based on your current medical conditions will give you the best and precise suggestions.

3. May Assist in Anemia Prevention & Treatment

Anemia is caused due to an increased deficiency of hemoglobin. It is a protein that is responsible for carrying oxygen and delivering it to the different parts of the human body. A lower level of hemoglobin can disrupt the adequate and proper supply of oxygen throughout your body, resulting in Anemia. Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in hemoglobin production; hence, its consumption may improve hemoglobin levels and prevent or treat Anemia.

4. Treat the Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

As mentioned in point 1, Vitamin B6 helps in producing neurotransmitters in the human body. These neurotransmitters play a vital role in regulating your emotions. Owing to its direct connection with the emotion regulating neurotransmitters; it is believed that P5P helps in treating the symptoms of PMS. A study was conducted for a period of 3-month where 60 premenopausal women were given 50mg of Vitamin B6 regularly. By the end of 3-months, it was found that this vitamin drastically improved the symptoms of PMS, irritability, depression, and tiredness by a whopping 69%. The study gave promising results, but it should also be noted that the sample size and study duration was comparatively short. So instead of taking any decision based on this study, you should consult your trusted physician regarding the consumption of Vitamin B6.

5. Can be Used to Treat Nausea in Pregnant Women

It is a well-known fact that Vitamin B6 is being used since ages for treating nausea during pregnancy. It also treats vomiting to a certain extent. A study was conducted with a sample size of 342 pregnant women. 30 mg of Vitamin B6 was given to each of those women during their first 17 weeks. By the end of 17 weeks, it was found that P5P or vitamin B6 has significantly helped in reducing the nausea symptoms after five treatment days when compared to a placebo.

Many people have been consuming 30-75 mg of Vitamin B6 regularly to treat their nausea or vomiting problems during pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman that feels constant nausea and vomiting feeling, then consult your doctor before taking Vitamin B6. Consumption of medication without professional guidance can do more harm than good. So always consult your trusted doctor before taking any vitamin supplements, and not just Vitamin B6.

6. Increased Physical Energy

One of the best P5P benefits is that it promotes enhanced physical energy. Vitamin B6 or P5P is energy metabolism’s one of the most critical components within the cell. People with higher levels of fatigue have been reported to have lower B6 concentration. By incorporating Vitamin B6 in one’s diet, the person can get rid of the usual lethargic feelings while performing any activity. You can include food items in your diet that are rich in Vitamin B6. As the levels of P5P will rise in your body, you will start feeling more energetic than before.

7. May Prevent Clogged Arteries

Relevant levels of Vitamin B6 in the body can keep the risk of heart diseases at bay and also prevent clogged arteries. A study was conducted to prove this point for factual and scientific accuracy. According to that study, people having low blood levels of P5P were diagnosed with a higher risk of heart diseases, when compared to the ones having higher Vitamin B6 levels. Another study was conducted on rats to check whether Vitamin B6 can prevent clogged arteries or not. In this study, it was observed that rats having lesser blood levels of Vitamin B6 had higher cholesterol levels. It developed lesions that are responsible for blocking arteries when exposed to homocysteine. On the other hand, rats having a higher B6 level were not vulnerable to clogged arteries and related heart problems.

The major P5P benefits shared-above are the reason behind Vitamin B6’s high demand. If you want to include this vitamin in your diet, then you should include items like chickpeas, whole grains, bananas, potatoes, fortified cereals, nuts, beans, and other Vitamin B6 rich food in your daily diet. You will start noticing the long-term health benefits over a period of time, after including it in your daily regimen.

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