What is Biotin and What Are Its Benefits?

biotin for hair growth
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In recent years, biotin is being considered as an essential supplement due to its multiple health benefits. There are a good number of reasons for the rising popularity of biotin supplementation. Not only does it counter hair thinning and hair loss, but it is also a miracle remedy for dry, itchy skin, brittle nails, and many other health conditions.

However, if you are not yet familiar with the benefits of biotin, here is an outline of this essential nutrient for your body and overall well being.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin that is usually known as Vitamin B7, Vitamin H or Co-enzyme R. As it can dissolve in water, our body does not store biotin. Though human cells cannot synthesize vitamin B7, some bacteria present in our body is responsible for its production that helps meet the body’s biotin requirement.

Aside from the health-related benefits, our body needs an adequate amount of biotin to perform many important functions. This water-soluble vitamin has an important role in metabolizing protein, fats, and carbohydrates in our body and in converting food to energy. It aids in breaking down carbohydrates and fat and produces the necessary energy in your body to help carry out essential metabolic processes.

Biotin deficiency can disrupt metabolic, digestive, nerve, and cardiovascular functions in a significant way and can lead to serious health conditions. So, to ensure your body gets enough of this B-complex vitamin it is important to take biotin supplements in addition to the food you consume daily.

Essential Benefits of Biotin for Your Body

Biotin for Hair

Consistent hair loss and thinning of hair is a stressful experience. When you notice excessive hair fall that takes a toll on your once a voluminous hair, make no delay to include biotin supplementation in your diet.

Biotin B-complex vitamin is linked with healthier, stronger hair with accelerated growth. This is evidenced by a research published in 2015 that revealed that women experiencing thinning hair issues noticed a reduction in hair fall when supplemented with an oral protein supplement for 90 days that mainly contained biotin.

Biotin for Nails and Skin

When there is an inadequate amount of biotin in your body, it can result in brittle and weak nails that easily chips. 20 percent of the global population suffers from this problem. However, you can benefit from daily supplementation of biotin tablets that have been found to improve your nail strength and durability considerably.

A study published in 1989 stated that 91 percent of 45 patients, who participated in this survey, consumed biotin of 2.5 mg per day and confirmed of having stronger and firmer nails after 5 months.

A daily dosage of biotin can also significantly improve your skin health as the fatty acids produced by biotin nourishes your skin that help maintains supple skin and clear complexion. This has been proved by a study that has shown biotin’s role in maintaining healthy skin. If the protective exterior layer of your skin is unbalanced due to biotin deficiency, your skin will look dry and dehydrated.

Adding biotin supplement in your diet will resume the production of new cells in your body, proper fat metabolism, and maintain efficient functioning of oil glands. You can see a significant difference in your skin texture and health within a few days of taking biotin-based foods and supplements. Moreover, red, scaly, and itchy patches on the skin can be addressed effectively by supplementing the body with biotin.

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Biotin has been found to have an important role in controlling blood sugar. This has been proved by a research that has revealed that individuals with type 2 diabetes might have insufficient biotin amount in their blood. This is because this water-soluble B-vitamin is essential in glucose metabolism and helps to disintegrate glucose while enhancing insulin sensitivity. Further research in 2016 supported that biotin aids in glycemic control in those who have type 1 diabetes.

Thus, maintaining a proper level of biotin in your body could help in dealing with both type 1 and 2 diabetes. For this reason, in addition to consuming biotin-rich foods, you require to take biotin capsules daily to maintain a healthy level of biotin in your body.

Relieves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic central nervous system disorder that affects the optic nerves, the brain, and the spinal cord. This results in various health symptoms, like weakness in muscles and other problems in the body.

Many physicians are resorting to high-dose biotin therapy to improve the condition of this auto-immune disease in patients. It is considered as a safe therapy as per results published in 2016 that has shown that a high dose of biotin taken three times daily by the participants has helped to relieve the symptoms.

Concluding Note

There can be a drastic improvement in the quality of your skin, hair, and nails after regularly supplementing with biotin capsules. With many more potential health benefits, you must surely take it along with the balanced diet that you have every day to maintain your optimum health.

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